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I created this blog to share my life with you. In this blog, I hope to give motivation to you and take encouragement from you.

"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Funny moments in my school life (Fried carrot cake)

I actually unsure whether am I a creative person..lols...but I tend to do alot of unexpected creative thimgs to surprise others.

In my secondary school, i used to attend home economics lesson to learn how to cook. We were group in team of two. My partner was a virtuous girl who always helped her mum in cooking. I had no problem obtaining marks when team with her. She was a fast worker and she could not tolerate my  slow and clumsy action. I was "appointed" as food taster instead, to quality check (QC) on the end product. The teacher was very impressed on our yummy food.

There was one day, she was on medical leave. I was forced to team up with another girl who was same as me, clueless on cooking. The lesson was to fry carrot cake, I initiated to do the cooking and she did the preparation of ingredients. The first step was to steam the carrot cake. Secondly, fried onions till it was golden brown. I thought it should be very simple coz I was not colour blind, i sure know how golden brown looked like. So i poured oil, put garlic, the colour became light brown and guessed what? turned black. I was shocked. But we were running out of time, i just put the steamed carrot cake in and started to add soya sauce and Tada! The end result was out.

We were the last batch to serve our unique carrot cake to the "Empress Dowager", our Home Economic Teacher. "Wow...i didnt guide you to add dark sauce, u were so creative", she praised us. We were clueless what she meant. When she ate the first bite and her expression was.....i could visualise my good record had gone down to the drain. She was fuming but well...the lecture was a gentle and soft one. She was a petite and quite a good tempered person, my carrot cake seem like a bomb landed on her that instant, she managed to regain her usual self shortly.

I was asked to team with that girl in my subsequent class...omg...luckily i only had two last classes that last semester...whats a relief.

I should have tried my best to learn the cooking skill then so i wont get to eat so much instant noodles. Nevertheless i still want encourage you if u are learning cooking. Jiayou!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Funny moments in my personal life (Glue stick and lip balm)

I am quite a short-cut person, meaning I would find ways to shorten the processes of doing something. Of course, there would be loop hole of doing such cut-cut method if I was not careful which I was in fact quite a careless person.

My lips were dry and chapped so I bought a lip gloss to moisturize it. It kinda of cumbersome to take in and out from my bag at work so I placed it on my table. My desk was full of stationary and I coincidentally placed my lip gloss beside the glue stick, both were put in a standing upright position. I had set timer on my phone to remind me to apply lip gloss stick every two hours since the start of my work. I was too focused on my work and just grabbed one of the sticks to apply on my lips. In between I drank water and these went on till late afternoon when I had mostly finished my work. I took one stick and applied my lips and to my astonishment!. It was glue stick. I went straight to the toilet to wash my mouth.

Frankly speaking, I didn't know how many times I had applied glue stick on my lips or I was luckily enough to spot it when I only used the first time. I am still safe and sound now..haha...the answer could be the latter.

At work, I still prefer to streamline processes by cutting unnecessary works to do, like giving who and who to check and verify. The problem is will the supervisors really check if they have tons of works to check. I tried to use system to proof check first then followed by only one supervisor to verify. Come on, if we pay so many supervisors to check one transaction, why bother to do that transaction if it worth even lesser than 0.001% of their salaries, plus good system would track more accurately as they do not bother how much work they are given. I got pretty stressed up and affected my results if I saw tons of manual works on my table awaiting to be completed in a day. Emotions affects the performance.
It's only Wednesday, dun rush through the day as if it was Friday. Do it slowly and steady to obtain the accuracy of the work done. Jia you!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Funny moments in my personal life (Learning cooking from my mother in law)

i did mot know how to cook in my early thirties because i was banned from touching the stove by my mum. She was a control freak, kitchen was like a secret chamber for her. Whenever she was cooking, i was not allowed to enter the kitchen, as if I wanted to steal her secret recipe. I ever succeeded in cooking instant noodles at home when she was not around, I cleaned the area I had touched but she knew i had used her stove. She only banned me, my two sisters could use freely and watched her when she cooked. Hmmm..u must be wondering why she was so biased? Well i thought there was only one instance, i boiled water. Coz the kettle would give a beeping sound when the water had boiled, i just did the household chores usual.  Then I remembered i needed to buy stamps from post office and immediately rushed out, forgotten the boiling water. I took only less than ten mins and heard a sharp noise coming from the house when i was outside the doorstep. I recalled the water and rushed to switch off the stove. Luckily the water had not been dried up. Cause of my slip of tougue, my mum got the news of it. Thats my fate of not able to touch stove.

My cooking skill was imparted from my mother in law who only used soya sauce, salt and pepper andshe could easily whipped a tasty dish. My hubby always said the secret lies on the freshest ingredients used that brought out the sweetness and fragrances.  I got to learn from use chopper! Knife! And peeler. I was scared coz they looked dangerous to me. I could easily cut my hand sometimes using scissors or staple. I knew this time i would sure "bleed".

I was been instructed to chop vegetables...i chopped, and chopped and chopped...suddenly the chopper landed on the floor. My mother in law of course had gotten a shock. I was pretty used of this blunder so i gave a relief my feet were intact...lols...watching me using can be as exciting as watching Jackie Chan's movie.

Now i use chopper almost every day, practice makes perfect. My mother in law praised me once for chopping fine gingers strips. Of course, i still experience cuts. I should be thankful i still able to count up to ten using my fingers...haha. I should say watching me preparing foods was like watching a Jackie Chan's movie. It was so exciting.

I had overcome one obstacle and hope u will one day. Jiayou!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Funny moments in my personal life ("full stop ehh")

i admitted my analytical abililty is...hmmm...range one to ten. I got perhaps three..lols

I remembered one day opening up my laptop and typed document in words application. I was so fast in typing and I managed to finish it in fifteen minutes for a three full length pages report. But it took me one hour more to check and submit to my boss. Kinda inefficient ehh?..yep i agreed.

After I finished typing the report, i began to check the accuracy of my document. There was a "full-stop" that was not supposed to there, was in between my sentence. So I clicked on the area where that "full stop" was and pressed "delete" on my keyboard. Well., that irritating "full stop" was still there, I reinstated by clicking the undo button. No matter how I copy the texts to the new worksheet, thats "full stop" was still there. This time it was at another sentence! I really freaked off when my boss kept calling my phone line. I knew she was chasing me on this document. I couldnt email erroneous documents to her.

Finally close to one hour, the mystery unveiled. My laptop screen was stained with a small little black particle that really looked like "full-stop". How i realised it? Lols..i was so angry that i pointed at the screen and said to it "why I cannot remove u!" ...well the "full stop" moved to my amazement. I stared the screen and used my fingernail to scratch off it. And the little particle stuck in my fingernail. ..i emailed the document to my boss. Luckily she didnt ask why i took so long. I wont know how to describe the silly act i did.

Im jiayou in trying to "boasting" my analytical ability but thinking logical and illogical ways. I surely will motivate myself to make my life more interesting.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Sad Christmas and New Year 2015

Time flies, Christmas and New Year 2015 were over. That was the season i loved the most every year but oso the sad season I shall deemed this year. My dad had passed away the day after Christmas this year 2015.

He was very stern to me that really made me felt like I was not his biological daughter in the past, seeing the unfair treatment he did to me among my other two sisters. I was not blogging very much in December 2015 coz my dad was admitted to the hospital and I wanted to accompany him. This was not the first time my dad got admitted in the hospital but this time it was the last time he got discharged. He used to be sober and complain alot upon his discharge but this time he was motionless and cold. He was no longer complain and nag anymore...i used to find him a pain when he complained about money and others...his impatient facial expression became a memory to me...

he changed his attitude towards me when i brought him to visits in hospital, he bought lunch for me and even offered me his share of fish cutlet. I was very happy to his change. He would listen rather than argued to me like in the past. He really a changed person. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and got admitted to get the tumour removed via laparoscopy. His surgery was informed to us that its successful with both laparoscopy and open surgery! He was losing blood and required substantial blood transfusion. Nevertheless we knew he got to go for another operation on the next day due to his tendered tummy when he got a heart attack. He was on sedation and hardly woke up till one day he was out of sedation and managed to talk but unclear. His heartbeat shot up to 200 and doctors suspected infections in his body. Cause doctors said my dad's kidneys Were not functioning well they unable to do MRI, they recommended mild 72hr kidney dialysis. After then my dad was given medicine to protect the kidneys and he was sent for MRI. I was told by the doc, his liver was growing a bit but still not functioning normally. Stale blood was found and two tubing was inserted to dispel the stale blood. Other than these tubing he already had two more from his first surgery. Antibiotics was given to him and his condition was stabilised and out of sedation. He got transferred from SICU to high dependency ward. Amazingly, my dad could speak, i should say...complain. I was annoyed and happy that my dad was well. He complained to remove his urine catheter out so he could pee, he had a urge of peeing. We informed the doc and the urology but they said its common. After a few days, his body started to bloat. His water retention due to his kidneys-not functioning well. He went for a four hours dialysis but unsuccessful due to low blood pressure. He was sent back to SICU on Christmas day morning. He was sleepy but still knew what happening around him. On the next day, my sister got a call saying doc informed us to prepare for the worst. We were with him before his last breath...its was painful.

I will Jiayou in my life, i still have my loved ones to tale care of. I will be good.